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Welcome to Renewables Salone

Renewables Salone is an independent platform for everybody interested in the renewable energy sector in Sierra Leone: International Partners, Government, NGOs, Experts, Donors, Training Institutions or Businesses, and anyone else are invited to connect, cooperate and share information. Learn about different technologies. Follow the progress and impact of renewable energies in Sierra Leone. Analyse data on various maps. Stay informed on news and events. Get involved!

What We Do


EnDev develops ICT tools to strengthen the renewable energy sector. This includes the Smartphone App EnDev Collect that can be used for data collection , registering, monitoring and maintaining solar systems, a mapping tool to archive, analyse, visualise and map information. The renewables website serve is available to connect, cooperate and share information to achieve better synergy in the sector

Outreach, Marketing and Awareness

Various outreach events, road shows and other promotional activities are supported by EnDev. The solar promotion car uses solar panels to show movies, play music and make popcorn and to inform the public about renewable energy and high quality solar products and efficient cook stoves.

Renewables Capacity Development

To build capacities, EnDev provides trainings and workshops, demand-driven and tailored to the needs of the target group. Examples of trainings include basic solar technology, repair of solar lanterns,curriculum development, advanced solar technology, trainings in the field of improved cook stoves and solar dryers.

Location of Mini Grids in Sierra Leone

To get detailed information on Mini Grid installations:
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Visit the MAPS and DATA section to view more maps

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Solar Installers and Technicians

  • Morie Kamara Solar and Electrical Engineering Technicians Contact: 077798755 Email:
  • Daniel-Koroma Technician in Solar installation and maintenance and also design for small home systems.
  • Alfred Gbla Solar technician who founded Radio Broadcast and Solar Technology. Involved in the Biodiversity Conservation Project for the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security. People know him as the "dark killer"! Email:, +232 76 70 26 26

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