EnDev in collaboration with Government Technical Institute and the Westwind Energy management takes 40 students from the Government Technical Institute's Renewable Energy Department on a field trip to Wonder stove workshop on November 9, 2017.

The purpose of the field trip was to introduce the students to a practical working environment of improved cook stove production. The objective is to enable them understand the processes and stages of designing an improved cook stoves.

The students were taken to tour the workshop and see the various stages of stove production from design to a finish product. After the tour, a presentation was made by Tapsir N’jai, owner of Westwind Energy, on the basics and components of improved cook stoves production. Practical demonstrations were also done by putting two stoves in use to practically demonstrate – even without specialize testing tools – the efficiency of the stoves. The students were then given the opportunity to share with everyone what they’ve learnt and how they will disseminate their knowledge and put into practice what they’ve learnt. They all pledged to take to their various communities what they have learnt and help sensitize and promote the technology wide usage in the country.