Motivation to study Renewable Energy in Freetown, Sierra Leone

The students from the Renewable Energy Course at the Government Technical Institute (GTI) at Kissy Dockyard, Freetown, were asked to write a short essay on what motivated them to enroll in the 3 year course.

A total of 30 very personal and individual letters were written by the students and handed over to the director of the Department for Alternative Energy Studies, Mr. Mohammed Kamara.

The letters show both, the personal interest and the awareness and commitment of the students to contribute to their society. Many of them point out that they are concerned with global warming, pollution and depleting resources and see Renewable Energy as the only future technology to solve these problems. Especially women see their studies as an opportunity to get a job where they are self-reliant, able to motivate other women and help their own communities in installing solar systems.

This is a compilation of their replies and future plans:

Positive Impacts for Society

  • Renewable Energy is useful all over the world
  • Development countries make use of Renewable Energy
  • Energy Security
  • Children benefit
  • Importance for women
  • The economy benefits
  • Work with a clean energy source
  • Renewable Energy is also an economical energy source
  • No use of fossil fuels is needed
  • Empower other women to be self sustained
  • Importance for the environment
  • Fight against pollution
  • Protect the world from poising gases
  • Fight against global warming
  • Renewable Energy will never run out and be depleted
  • Local income generation
  • Educational impact: Renewable Energy can do what NPA can do
  • Educate other people about Renewable Energy
  • To help the community
  • Help to improve electricity policies
  • Stop land from being deprived through mining
  • Stop oil spills
  • Make villages enjoy light
  • Solar energy is bringing development
  • Electricity for human comfort


Personal interest

  • You can be useful in society
  • Possibility of self-employment and self reliance
  • To be self-employed or even become an employer
  • To be your own boss
  • Hope to find a job easily and to be able to sustain family
  • Better understand how technologies work
  • Better knowledge in the field of engineering
  • It is a new technology
  • Renewable Energy is a demanding programme in Africa and the whole world
  • The white people are now trying to develop West Africa with solar energy
  • The course is makeable and payable
  • To be admired by others
  • To install a solar system for the own house
  • To fix solar systems for own communities
  •  A lot of investment on Renewable Energy is done in the developing countries
  • Be well educated
  • Become a successful woman
  • “All is about Energy”
  • The Barefoot Women motivated me
  • To answer the personal interest:  “How comes the solar panel give current?”
  • Renewable Energy is a new course with the potential to develop
  • Job opportunities outside of Sierra Leone
  • Show the world that women are developers
  • Prove to some men that what men are capable of doing women can also do


Future Plans

  • Wish to found a training centre for Renewable Energy in Sierra Leone
  • Aim to study at European university
  • To become a professor for Renewable Energy
  • Set up a workshop and use knowledge in entrepreneurship
  • Build institutions of Renewable Energy where women will be educated and encouraged