EnDev/GIZ was one of the lucky participants at Renewable Energy Day Sierra Leone's first ever event at Mereweather Preparatory School in Freetown on June 29, 2018. We’re always happy to promote renewable energy but this event was special. The audience of nine to eleven year olds was the youngest group we’ve spoken to this year. The girls and boys were curious, excited and eager to learn.

To open the day’s event, Mr. Kamara, Director of the Renewable Energy Department at the Government Technical Institute (GTI), on behalf of GTI and EnDev, gave a brief overview of renewable energy that set the foundation for the rest of the day’s program.

EnDev and GTI arranged for students enrolled in solar training program to participate in the event. The GTI students explained why they were pursuing careers in solar energy. They then gave hands on demonstrations of a solar installation. This was the first time many in our young audience were seeing solar panels up close making the technology very tangible for them. The children were equally fascinated by the many solar-powered everyday items on hand for their close up scrutiny. A solar-powered fan, air-conditioner, water pump, flashlight, radio, and toy helicopter.

Wonder Stove showed a short film about its energy efficient cooking stoves and explained why they were affordable and better for the environment. The children were intrigued that these familiar looking stoves were better than the commonly-used ones in many of their homes.

Environmental Foundation for Africa (EFA), a Sierra Leone NGO focused on protecting and restoring the environment in West Africa, talked about the importance of forest preservation and the importance of solar energy for Sierra Leone. At EFA’s invitation the children jumped at the chance to try their hand at solar installation. They were very excited.

The day was a delightful, rewarding experience for the children and adults alike. We’re certain we’ve planted a seed for renewable energy in these pupils. EnDev/GIZ is pleased to have been part of the first ever Renewable Energy Day at  Mereweather Preparatory School.


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