“The most important component of a solar system is the load.” – EnDev Technical Advisor, Johannes Weber. On the 31st July 2018, EnDev Sierra Leone successfully conducted a training workshop on solar system sizing.

The training held at the GIZ country office conference room attracted more than 30 stakeholders in the Renewable Energy sector.

The training was part of an ongoing support GIZ-EnDev is offering to the sector in Sierra Leone to increase access to modern energy services. The objective of the training was: to get new solar installers/technicians understand the concept of system sizing; refresh old installers’ knowledge; and get managers and directors understand the concept of sizing and how this affects system sustainability.

The renewable energy sector is a fast growing sector in the country with high demand for experts and knowledgeable solar installers and technicians. To ensure that renewable technologies are well appreciated and accepted in the country, installers and technicians have to ensure that solar systems are sustainable and cost efficient; this starts with proper system sizing. The trainer stressed on the importance of load assessment and energy usage before installation. Improper analysis of energy needs will always lead to poor system design which will subsequently lead to system failure. A load calculation exercise also formed part of the training where participants were given a template with load, quantity, power ratings and estimated running hours to determine the maximum power and energy consumption. The training presentation and a sizing tool template to serve as a guide for participants to use as a reference for sizing solar systems were shared among stakeholders to climax the event.