Bintumani D-SL, a German – Sierra Leone NGO, on the 29th and 30th November, 2018 held a two day workshop for Renewable Energy stakeholders and solar technicians in Sierra Leone at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCET) Congo Cross Campus.

The organization which traced it formation from a group of Sierra Leoneans residing in Germany together with their German friends who took great interest in the country formed the organization some twenty years ago. Bintumani D-SL humanitarian

interventions in the country are Health, Education and Energy, according to the organization country representative, Dr. Jacob Ladipoh.

The workshop attracted a range of stakeholders from various organizations, institutions and solar companies in the country. The purpose of the workshop was three folds:

1. To introduce the Education Renewable Energy Center – EDUREC project

2. Get and understanding of the work of various renewable energy stakeholders in the country

3. Conduct a basic solar installation training

Day one of  the workshop started with a welcome statement by a representative from the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology followed by an introductory statement by Dr. Ladipoh from Bintumani D-SL.

Prof. Dr. Michael Hartmann, Renewable Energy lecturer from SRH University made a presentation on the educational and training programmes at the SRH University – which is a partner with Bintumani D-SL.

After the presentation by Prof. Dr. M. Hartmann, Mr. Norbert Hoffmann hold a presentation on the technical vocational training programmes and package for Sierra Leone. He hinted they have been working towards introducing a renewable energy curriculum at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology and also degree programme at the Fourah Bah College, a constituent college of the Unversity of Sierra Leone.

Mr. Nobert Hoffmann also highlighted some of the work they have been doing in the country since the formation of the organization; amongst which have been:

  • Waste Management where they are presently working to revive the Klin Salone Waste Management
  •  Hospitals / First Aid Cases
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Training workshop (Metal, Wood and Sewing)
  • Energy for small villages (In 2016, worked with Barefoot women to electrify 50 homes, School and a clinic in Meni Curve village, Port Loko District).
  • Working on Education Renewable Energy Center (EDUREC) project in SL. The focus of which has been 
  1. to establish a renewable energy center which will serve as an Information and Training Center
  2. Workshop Production School

Several other presentations were made by key stakeholders present, amongs which were the Energising Development Programme EnDev, the Government Technical Institute, the Eastern Polytech, FLS Academy, READ – SL and Oxfam; which concluded day one of the workshop.

Day two of the workshop was purely practical solar installation. All the participants had a hands on experience of installation; which begins from assembling and connecting batteries, going to connecting the inverter and lastly the solar modules.

The workshop concluded with a statement from Mr. Norbert Hoffmann appreciating the participants for coming and expect a continued collaboration with stakeholders in the Renewable Energy Sector. Dr. Jacob Ladipoh stressed on the importance of networking and collaboration in the sector and said it is the only way moving forward and achieving the goals of increasing energy access in the country.