Energising Development (EnDev) has held a one day networking event for stakeholders in the RE sector on December 14 in the Family Kingdom conference hall, Freetown.

The purpose of the event was to bring together stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the sector and also to have an outlook for the coming year and a reflection of 2018.

Stakeholders from the various players in the RE sector formed part of the audience.

Each participant present highlighted the various challenges they are facing in the sector. Below are some of the key points

• Lack of available funding for technicians to get RE information and to do maintenance

• RE companies should extend their activities to villages

• Encourage collaboration among stakeholders

• Availability of spare parts for repairs

• Lack of access to finance for Private Sector companies

• Create awareness for renewable energy

• Reduce deforestation

• Having professional solar installers

Stakeholders were encouraged to take ownership of this web portal (www.renewables-salone.info) by submitting articles for upload and to register their businesses/institutions under the stakeholders section of the portal. Stakeholders can also submit their profile to be added under the ‘who is who gallery’.

It was also emphasized that EnDev embark on a massive campaign to promote the use of the web portal by RE stakeholders.

The idea of having a website working group was proposed by Hartlieb Euler, Director EnDev Liberia. The proposition from the EnDev Liberia Director was put into action which saw the formation of a website working group comprising of volunteers from some institutions that will meet rotationally once in a month to gather contents for the website and discuss on how the site can be improved to be more accessible to stakeholders. This activity climaxed the workshop of the Networking Event for the RE Family.