Solar Energy is not the only source of Renewable Energy! It is against this backdrop that the German-Sierra Leone association Bintumani D-SL and partners conducted a five days training on building a functional Wind Turbine based on the plans from Hugh Piggott and experts from ERNI Kollektiv ( based in Germany.

From the 4th - 8th November 2019 at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCET) Congo Cross, 43 participants from various institutions learnt how to construct a functional wind turbine whilst also getting a good grasp of the basic concepts of electricity.


The workshop commenced with a general introduction from Dr. Jacob Ladipoh who urged participants to grab the opportunity with both hands as the concept of wind energy is fairly new. He said that Bintumani D-SL have it on their flag rating to bring the knowlegde of renewable energy to Sierra Leone and  is not only limited to Solar energy. He said participants must make sure they are punctual whilst also switching off their mobile phones to avoid distractions.

Wind Mill Training

Mohamed Kamara from Light Salone Innovation said that they are very happy to partner with Bintumani D-SL and partners to conduct the very first Wind Mill workshop in Sierra Leone. He said wind energy has not received the sort of attention it needs and is something their team is pushing forward to find alternative sources of energy as only 15% of Sierraleoneans have access to electricity.

The instructors of the workshop were Mr. Norbert Hoffmann (Bintumani D-SL) and Christian Wencke (ERNI Kollektiv/EnDev) from Germany. Participants were divided into three groups (electrical, metal and wooden).The training was divided into practical and theoretical sessions and at the end of each day, participants did a wrap up session of what they learnt and at the start of each day, the participants switched groups so that each participant get a feel of what the other groups are doing.

The training concluded with the coupling up and testing of the wind mill for the production of electricity. Distribution of certificates and taking of photos climaxed the event.

In Pictures