We Care Solar addresses a critical aspect of global maternal and child health care – reliable electricity for essential lighting, emergency communication, and medical services. Since our founding in 2010, we have equipped over 5,200 health facilities in more than 30 countries with
our compact, rugged Solar Suitcases, enabling health workers to provide critical medical care. Nearly 6 million mothers and newborns have received care in facilities with Solar Suitcases.

In 2017, We Care Solar launched the Light Every Birth initiative, calling upon all stakeholders to uplift maternal-newborn care by making a commitment to ensure that every public health facility has medical lighting and continuous power for safe deliveries. Liberia and Uganda were the first two countries to make a commitment to Light Every Birth; next was Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone.

Since 2012, We Care Solar has worked closely with partners in Sierra Leone such as UNFPA, Doctors with Africa CUAMM, and Medical Research Centre (MRC) to provide reliable lighting and electricity to support maternal health. To date, a total of 264 Solar Suitcases have been
installed in health facilities and this year we aim to officially launch the Light Every Birth initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy (MoE), Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS), and implementing partners. We Care Solar trains and sub-contracts solar companies in
Sierra Leone to conduct installations, train health workers, and oversee maintenance. Our first training is tentatively scheduled for August, and we are looking to hire a Quality Control Supervisor who will help evaluate contractors’ adherence to quality guidelines and procedures
during installations.

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