About this Event

This webinar will highlight three of the most important issues in the power sector, which present particular challenges for developing economies. These are:

• questions of finance at an affordable cost of capital,

• paying attention to issues of sustainability and access, and

• a reliability agenda that sits at the heart of many of the utility management challenges.

The solar industry is growing exponentially and represents an enormous opportunity for businesses to invest in affordable and sustainable energy.
In this online session, we will delve deep into the role of cables as essential components of solar applications.

        * Understand the role of cables in solar applications
        * Understand the international cable standards
        * Understand the factors that can cause faults and endanger the power production of solar applications
        * Learn more about how third-party testing can help you safeguard the success of your projects

Wednesday, July 1st 2020
11am (Dubai Time)

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For a significant portion of the estimated 789 million people who currently lack access to electricity, mini-grids can present a least-cost option to close the access gap. Despite this potential and advances in renewable clean energy technology, the mini-grid market remains nascent today.

The Mini-Grids Partnership (MGP)—a consortium of over 300 mini-grid stakeholders from the public and private sector—identified a lack of unified and comprehensive data and sector knowledge as a critical gap for the development of the mini-grids sector, and agreed to produce an authoritative, insightful, and up-to-date market intelligence report.

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