We Care Solar addresses a critical aspect of global maternal and child health care – reliable electricity for essential lighting, emergency communication, and medical services. Since our founding in 2010, we have equipped over 5,200 health facilities in more than 30 countries with
our compact, rugged Solar Suitcases, enabling health workers to provide critical medical care. Nearly 6 million mothers and newborns have received care in facilities with Solar Suitcases.

As investors address the systemic risk of climate change in their portfolios, an increasing number are taking action on deforestation as a major driver of climate change. Following last year’s devastating fires in the Amazon, 251 investors with $17.7 trillion in assets under management called on companies to eliminate deforestation from their operations and supply chains.

Renewables are growing at a fast pace in Africa, meaning much more variable renewable capacity at record low cost will enter the grid over the next few years. And as variable renewable energy (VRE) increases, so too does the necessity to include dispatchability, frequency regulation and balancing services into the system. In this webinar, we analyze how battery energy storage systems can enable higher VRE penetration.

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Overview of funding Opportunity

The Power Africa Off-grid Project (PAOP), a United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-contracted project implemented by RTI International, seeks applications to fund one or multiple awards to provide incentives, in the form of grants, to qualified organizations/companies to catalyze the growth of off-grid energy access solutions to improve the readiness and resilience of healthcare within sub-Saharan Africa. This RFA provides prospective applicants with a fair opportunity to develop and submit competitive applications to PAOP for potential funding. Closing date for this RFA: May 28, 2020 at 17h00 SAST (GMT +2)

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