FLS Group (SL) Ltd

FLS Group (SL) Ltd is a services company established in 2011 and managed by dedicated high standing professionals with over 20 years corporate experience.

We launched the Energy unit in 2016. Our services and solutions including designs and implementation of professional energy solutions and infrastructure. We deliver solar PV technician training & certifications.

We provide services to local and international companies in Sierra Leone, governmental, non-governmental and the private sector.

Our Vision:

Power to every home & business beyond the grid

Our Mission:

To be one of the leading solar energy solutions providers for home lighting and entertainment and to power businesses for enhanced social security and health. With our portfolio of affordable solar products and services, we seek to develop the most reliable, innovative and profitable solar energy experiences in the sub region.


Darkness is evil, choose a bright living
At the entry to the market, we have started with distribution of Pico and SHS in Kambia, Port Loko and Koinadugu
FLS have a set sales target of 1,000 units of assorted Lanterns, Pico and SHS by the end of 2017, 7,500 in 2018 and 12,000 in 2019.
Renewables Technologies: 


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FLS Group (SL) Ltd
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