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 Foday Lansana Suma
Foday Lansana Suma Co-Founder and CTO FLS Group entrepreneur
Winston Moore
Winston Moore Llecturer at the Government Technical Institute - lecturing Electronics and Renewable Energy +23278401754 professional
Samuel B Zoker
Samuel B Zoker Founder and Owner of West Africa Offgrid (WAO) Email: sam.zoker@wao-grid.com entrepreneur
Kevin Johnstone
Kevin Johnstone Renewable Energy Policy Advisor for Oxfam IBIS Email: kevin@ibissierraleone.org Web: www.ibissierraleone.org professional
Ing Benjamin Kamara
Ing Benjamin Kamara Director of Energy - Ministry of Energy Email: benshinoh@gmail.com professional
Henry Soyinka
Henry Soyinka Owner of Sterling Technologies Email: o.soyinka@sterlingtech.biz entrepreneur
Sophie Johnson
Sophie Johnson Founding Director Of Solar Era Holdings SL LTD and Africa Growth & Energy Solutions (AGES) UKPLC and the first and founding President of the Sierra Leone Renewable Energy Association, REASL. entrepreneur
Leah Fatmatta Suma
Leah Fatmatta Suma Co-Founder and CEO FLS Group entrepreneur
Robin Fola
Robin Fola Head Of Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy Sierra Leone; and Energy and Energy Efficiency Focal Person, ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. professional
Andreas Schnier
Andreas Schnier Country Coordinator, Salesians of Don Bosco Sierra Leone and Liberia schnier.pdo@gmail.com professional solar
Mohammed A R Kamara
Mohammed A R Kamara Director, Renewable Energy Centre - Government Technical Institute Email: yeabumagbass@yahoo.com professional
Ngozi Obi Sesay
Ngozi Obi Sesay Communications and Public Relations Officer at EWRC - in charge of all consumer and outreach activities.
Robert Anthony Ponga Hindowa Magbity
Robert Anthony Ponga Hindowa Magbity Robert is a part-time Lecturer at Njala University in the Department of Physics and Computer Science. He holds the BSc Hons in Business Information Technology from Njala University and an MSc In Information Technology from the NIMS University Jaipur, Rajasthan India. Mr. Magbity has contributed to Research Papers in international Journals on various publications in the field of engineering and Computer science. One of his published works included in the Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Technologies, Vol. 12, Issue 1, (ISSN: 0974-1771) with the title: A GOOD SOCIETY IN OUR CONTEMPORARY WORLD OF INTERCONNECTED TECHNOLOGIES AND TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEMS (PAGE: 45-49) and can be read online on the link below; http://www.jmdet.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/8jmdet_12_1_8_Final-manuscript.pdf mini grid solar