“It is the rainy season! Your systems need protection now more than ever”, was the slogan by the Energising Development Programme (EnDev) in the invitation sent to participants for the workshop.

On the 6th June 2019, the Energising Development Programme conducted a lighting protection training for solar engineers, installers and technicians at the GIZ Country Office conference room, Wilkinson Road.

“The objective of the training was to invigorate, increase the understanding and accentuate on the need for proper protection from lighting strikes to ensure reliability, trust and sustainability of solar systems. A poorly designed lighting protection can always create destruction and damages on systems and consequently create distrust in solar systems.” These were the introductory words of the EnDev Technical Coordinator, Johannes Weber who was the facilitator of the workshop.

The training started with an introductory statement by the Programme Officer of EnDev, Foday Sheku Dumbuya. He briefly welcome all participants and talked on the work of EnDev in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. He said EnDev is an energy access programme that is funded by six donor countries and implemented by the German Cooperation (GIZ).

The trainer, Johannes Weber, started the training with an introduction to lighting strikes concept and what causes a lighting. The training looked at what:

What can happen to the equipment when a lightning strikes

Causes of lightning strikes

Grounding and the different methods

External lightning protection and

Surge protection

The training was an interactive one with participants having the opportunity to ask questions, discuss the topics and bring forth other ideas.

To continue with it support to the sector, the EnDev team shared questionnaires to participants to fill out. This is to determine the greatest needs of the sector in terms of training and development. EnDev will tailor future training courses according to the responses.

Concluding the training, participants thank EnDev for such initiative to support the sector and implored them to continue with the initiative. Most said that the training was timely and was needed to broaden the understanding of installers, technicians and engineers on system protection against lighting; especially at a time when the rainy season is starting and the occurent of lighting strikes and thunder are common.