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Barefoot Women Solar Engineer Association of Sierra Leone (BWSEASL)

The BWSEASL started as soap making and backyard gardening activity. When we prove well with the loan then Sanjit Bunker selected me (Nancy Kanu) of Konta Line and Fatu Koroma of Mayainmibana as first batch in 2007, to be train as Barefoot Engineers at the Barefoot College; Tilonia-India. Upon our return, we solar electrified 3 villages; Konta Line, Mamanso and Mayain-mibana. Then we in turn selected the second batch and then the third batch with the help of GoSL and were trained in India and that made us 12 Barefoot Engineers now serving Sierra Leone. It started as Solar System Home Light Management Committee (SSHLMC). These SSHLMC are the direct members to the BWSEASL.
The Association was formed on the 14th January 2010 and is legally registered with Local Council as a Community Base, Farmer Base, Youth Serving Agency and National Non-Governmental Organization. Barefoot is a women focus organization that works on solar energy technology for economic activities that empowers women and youths in Sierra Leone.
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Barefoot Women Solar Engineer Association of Sierra Leone (BWSEASL)
Konta Line
Konta Line
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