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Teleficient (SL) Ltd

We are dedicated to distributing quality affordable lighting and phone charging products specifically for low income communities that have little or no access to electricity in Sierra Leone. We truly believe that, in any community regardless of its size, energy access is paramount to economic development and the right direction to alleviate energy poverty.
When darkness falls without electricity, the structure of entire communities is affected. Poverty reduction strategies are difficult to implement, as working hours are limited to daytime and income is reduced. Education levels decrease, as children cannot study after sunset. Medical care becomes compromised and more dangerous to provide. The quality of leisure activities like cooking and socialising is limited in our communities.
We are dedicated to providing our people the most basic clean and affordable lighting. Our focus is to help low income families break their dependence on inefficient, expensive and harmful light sources like Kerosene by giving them cleaner and quality affordable solar products ownership.
At OneMain Solar, we are convinced that we can make a difference in the lives of families and communities each night when the sun sets.
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Teleficient (SL) Ltd
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