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Westwind Energy (SL) Ltd

Westwind Energy manufactures and distributes Wonder Stoves.

Wonder Stoves are improved biomass cook stoves. They are 40% more fuel efficient than the traditional stoves sold in Sierra Leone. As more households use our stoves, fewer trees are destroyed to burn into charcoal, substantially reducing carbon emissions. The stoves reduce air pollution in the home, thereby improving the health of women and children. They also use less charcoal, saving money for the family.

We have been manufacturing and distributing cook stoves since 1990 as Wonder Stove Enterprise. In July 2013, the business was rebranded and incorporated as Westwind Energy (SL) Limited.

We have an innovative business model that benefits all income groups along the whole value chain, including suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and customers. This generates positive economic, social and environmental effects.
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Westwind Energy (SL) Ltd
1Bishop Drive
Sierra Leone


+232 78 405 405 or +232 78 521
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