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RCD Solar

RCD Solar Company is based in Sierra Leone and started operating in January 2005.
Immediately after the civil war in Sierra Leone, problems associated with the Electricity Grid power supply were so severe that it became very necessary to search for an alternative power supply solution for small scale organisations, institutions, shops, Hospitals and domestic homes.
In this event, small and medium size generators became the order of the day. Small industries, institutions/organisations, business and government offices, hospitals, etc. all became dependant on small to medium size generators. These generators have short falls in running them compared to the National Grid supply and are intolerably noisy during night operations. In the neighbourhood of those who can afford them, the generator beats lead to a crescendo as one move from one end of the road drive to the other. These problems associated with generators were unacceptable in many quarters.
The introduction of renewable energy solutions and solar power in particular provided a new avenue for a stable, quiet and sustainable supply of power on a small and big scale for business and domestic use.
Rural, Commercial and Domestic Solar Company; as the name implies was then established to cater for sustainable energy supply systems or as a Back-up system for Institutions, Commercial enterprises, Rural communities and Domestic or Home set ups.
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RCD Solar
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